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Types of Flat Roofs in Tucson

Types of Flat Roofs in Tucson

In the sun-drenched city of Tucson, flat roofs dominate the skyline. Both stylish and functional, they’ve become a signature architectural element of our desert homes and businesses. Yet, while the term “flat roof” might imply a single design, there are, in fact, multiple types of flat roofing systems available. Let’s explore the most common ones, and discover why each might be a good fit for your property.

1. Modified Bitumen Roofs

Modified Bitumen Roofs are flat roofs that stand out as the most prevalent in Tucson. Why?

  • Durability: Modified bitumen roofs are better at preventing leaks and boast a resistance to UV degradation, thanks to their modern design.
  • Appearance: They present a nearly seamless appearance, which not only enhances aesthetics but also maximizes the effectiveness of the underlying insulation.
  • Maintenance: These roofs are designed with convenience in mind. They clearly show wear areas and potential leak sites, making maintenance and repairs straightforward. At Repair First Roofing, we often recommend modified bitumen roofs for their blend of aesthetics and functionality.

2. Built-up Roofs (BUR)

Built-up Roofs, commonly referred to as “tar and gravel” roofs, BUR systems are a staple in both residential and commercial buildings.

  • Construction: BURs consist of multiple plies of waterproof material alternated with layers of hot tar. A layer of gravel typically tops off this sandwich, providing a durable and fire-retardant finish.
  • Aesthetics: For homes with windows or decks overlooking the roof, the gravel provides a visually pleasing surface.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Among flat roofing systems, BURs tend to be among the most economical choices.

3. Rubber Membrane Roofs (EPDM)

Rubber Membrane Roofs are crafted from durable rubber, these roofs are particularly known for their longevity.

  • UV Resistance: The material used is inherently resistant to the sun’s UV rays, which makes it a prime choice for Tucson’s sun-heavy environment.
  • Installation: This type of roof is either anchored with fasteners, ballasted with stone, or glued.
  • Maintenance: Rubber membrane roofs are resistant to tears and, if they do develop any issues, are relatively easy to repair.

Call Repair First Roofing – Your Flat Roof Experts

While flat roofs offer numerous advantages, Tucson’s relentless sun means they may require more frequent maintenance than sloped counterparts. The intense UV exposure and high temperatures can accelerate wear, emphasizing the need for periodic inspections and prompt repairs.

If you’re considering a flat roof for your Tucson property or need assistance with maintenance, turn to the experts at Repair First Roofing. We understand the unique demands our climate places on roofing systems and are equipped to guide you through the best choices for durability, aesthetics, and cost-effectiveness. Whether you’re drawn to the practicality of modified bitumen, the classic design of BUR, or the durability of rubber membrane, we’re here to ensure your flat roof serves you well for years to come.

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