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About Us

Repair First Roofing, Your Local Roofing Specialists Serving Tucson and the Surrounding Areas

About Repair First Roofing – Tucson’s Trusted Roofing Professionals

Nestled in the heart of Tucson, Arizona, Repair First Roofing proudly serves our community and the surrounding areas with unrivaled dedication and passion. As native Tucsonans, co-founders Joel Gantt and Luke Bronson have woven their personal and professional roots deeply into the local landscape. With a blend of homegrown values and top-tier industry expertise, our dynamic duo has made it their mission to protect your homes and businesses, one roof at a time.

Reach out to us today, and experience the Repair First Roofing difference.

About Repair First Roofing

Customer First Approach: Your satisfaction is our topmost priority. We listen, we advise, and we ensure that every roofing solution aligns with your unique needs and budget.

Reasonable Prices: Quality roofing shouldn’t be a luxury. We strive to offer the most competitive prices without compromising on the quality of materials or workmanship.

Repair First Philosophy: Unlike many companies that might push for a full replacement, we believe in assessing the genuine needs of your roof. If a repair is what you need, then a repair is what you get. Only when absolutely necessary, do we recommend a replacement.

Quality Above All: Every project, big or small, is a testament to our commitment to excellence. We use top-notch materials and adopt the latest roofing techniques to ensure you get a roof that stands the test of time.

Thank you for trusting us, Tucson. Together, let’s build a legacy of safe homes, secure businesses, and strong community ties.

About Repair First Roof Coating